Better golf by design represents everything I've learned and done in my years of involvement in the game.   It's about creating programs that are fun and effective, that have the smallest class sizes in the area, and that are developed and taught by the area's most experienced instructor.

I've spent the last 25 years committed to promoting and growing the game of golf.  I have just completed a three year term as a National Director for the PGA of Canada, recently served as the PGA of Ottawa President and have sat on working committees to help grow the game of golf.  I have been recognized as a Teacher of the Year and I have attended many seminars, gaining different certifications including TPI Golf Fitness.  And now I want to take everything I've learned to help you play better golf and have even more fun.

There are several things to consider when choosing an instructor and it's important to understand what credentials to look for.  What questions should you ask a potential instructor?  Have they continued their education above and beyond the required minimums as a PGA member?  Are they continuing to learn or find new and better ways to help their students?  How are they invested in the game of golf?  Do they serve on committees and association review boards?  Are they considered Association Leaders?  Have they been recognized by their peers and their association as an outstanding instructor?

It seems some instructors choose to highlight their playing accomplishments, but unfortunately for students these successes don't provide any insight into their credibility as an instructor - and I tell you this as the only PGA of Canada Professional in the area who has won a National Championship.  A nice personal accomplishment for sure, but of no benefit to most students.  Also keep in mind you are choosing an instructor, not a facility.  Some facilities will highlight their past successes and recognition, often created by an individual who is no longer there.  Find out who is teaching each class.  Ask about the programs and their instructors teaching credentials and past instructional successes.  Facilities don't teach people, instructors teach people.

The most experienced teacher in the area with the smallest class sizes.

Better golf by design.  It's time.

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