I became interested in Golf Fitness during the Winter of 2006.  I was using a personal trainer for general fitness, which I thought was tailored to target and help my full time career as a golf professional.  I soon discovered that there were many people in the gym doing exactly the same program as I was.  After considerable research, I attended a basic Level 1 TPI course to become certified in golf fitness.  Within months I realized it was just the tip of the iceberg and I traveled to Oceanside, CA to attend the Level 2 Golf Professional Program at the Titleist Performance Institute.  

For the past ten years I've incorporated this knowledge into my instruction, both private and group, with a much better understanding of why and how people do what they do while swinging.

Golf fitness is the sport specific use and understanding of functional fitness, generally measured through a wide variety of functional movement screens.  These results can help me understand what limitations you might have, then create either individualized programs to help reduce these limitations and/or find workable solutions around those limitations.

I am available for golf fitness evaluations and program development throughout the winter and use this skill throughout the outdoor instructional season as one of the many tools available for golf instruction.

 For more information in golf fitness, call me directly at 613-876-3253, or CLICK HERE TO SEND ME AN EMAIL.